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Plush Esthetics Restore Moisture Creme revives, soothes, and moisturizes sensitive and dry skin on contact, and delivers active ingredients that help repair the skin’s protective lipid barrier.  This skin type is the most fragile, and easily prone to constant or excessive redness and irritation, but gentle plant extracts in this moisturizer go to work immediately to calm surface sensitivity and redness. It also works below into the skin layers where damage begins.  Skin responds almost immediately with a softer smoother texture.  Targeted antioxidants work to control signs of aging that appear earlier than normal in sensitive skin.  Soluble beta glucans supports skin’s cell communication to further correct, repair and moisturize.  The result is skin that looks and feels normal, and healthier long term – even when faced with irritants that may have been hard to overcome in the past. Plush Esthetics Restore Moisture Creme is the perfect finishing step and highly recommended for use on sk

Plush Esthetics RESTORE Moisture Creme

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